Costs for online store inclusion

The costs to be a part of the Lyoness Online World are divided in two areas: a one-time setup fee for the implementation and a monthly network charge.

Initial Setup Fee
As part of the Loyalty Merchant integration, a one-time fee for the setup of your online store in the Lyoness Online World is required. After approval of your website based on the required pre-requisites as well as data, we will take you into our internal systems. You will then receive codes for your integration into our website, including a detailed manual. After receipt of the setup fee and insertion of these codes, we will process test sales in order to activate you in the Lyoness website. We certainly need some information and data from you, such us the company logo, your detailed description for the Loyalty Merchant page and possibly launch specials for our Gift Card code pages, etc.

Monthly Network Charge
The monthly network charge is assessed for the standard maintenance required for operating your store affiliation on our platform. There network charge is a flat fee of 26 USD per month, regardless of country. However, these charges are only payable when the Lyoness shopping community makes at least 10 purchases at the store/ month, during the applicable month.

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