Benefits for Loyalty Merchants as part of the Lyoness online shopping community

Loyalty Customer Programme in the Lyoness Community
Nowadays, acquiring new customers, winning back previous customers and retaining current customers represent great challenges, especially in times of inflation, purchasing power distribution, competitive pressures and multi-optional customers. Loyalty will increase as long as you not only satisfy your customers but also impress them. The intelligent Lyoness Loyalty Customer Programme unites exactly those components. A balanced approach with emotional bonding elements guarantees an advantageous shopping experience to your customers.

Your presence on the Lyoness website
As a valuable part of the Lyoness shopping community, you are permanently present on the Lyoness website at several levels and will benefit from the following points:

Integration of your online shop to the Lyoness Loyalty Merchant Search
(Loyalty Merchant Search)
Expansion of your national products and services to an international level
Presence of your logo in the retailer promotion area, and in some cases, also on the Lyoness homepage
(Retailer promotion area | Lyoness homepage)
Coupon Codes and fantastic banners (498 x 295)
In addition to the aforementioned benefits, Lyoness also offers you the opportunity to position your online store in a special place. Take advantage of this special option to propel your web presence to a top position – costs and possibilities will be disclosed upon request.
(Coupon Codes | Fantastic banners)
Lyoness Newsletter
Benefit from the huge Lyoness Member pool and expand your target group via presence in the Lyoness Newsletter – a great opportunity to acquire new customers, win back previous customers and retain current customers. Costs and necessary actions will be provided upon request.