The Glossary gives you a compact mini dictionary of Lyoness information. It explains typical technical terminology and concepts which are used by the company in connection with the Lyoness Shopping Community and the Loyalty Programme. From Acceptance Points to the Cashback Card - simply enter the term you are looking for in the Search field.

Acceptance Point
A Chain Store branch or an SME Loyalty Merchant with which the Members can take advantage of the shopping benefits.
All About Lyoness
The Lyoness video shows which benefits the Members can receive and how simple it is for them to take advantage of the Lyoness shopping opportunities. The video offers an insight into the Lyoness world of shopping as well as an insight into the world of recommendation marketing. An overall insight with stunning animation technology.
Lyoness has made Applications (interactive applications) available for the Members: Amongst other things, Lyoness Mobile makes it possible for Members to create and manage Mobile Vouchers. The Cashback Magazine App is available to download from the Apple App Store.
Cash Account
The Cash Account gives an overview of the Members’ accululated Cashback and is visible in their Online Office.
For every purchase that Members make with Lyoness Loyalty Merchants up to 2% of the purchase amount will be credited to the Member’s Cash Account. This is how the Members collect a constantly growing amount in their Cash Account. As soon as they have collected at least € 10, the money will be transferred to the Member’s private bank account.
Cashback Card
The Cashback Card is a symbol of Lyoness Membership as well as a means of getting benefits from tens of thousands of Lyoness Loyalty Merchants who accept the Cashback Card. This well designed loyalty card is not a means of payment, but rather serves solely to record the Member’s purchase data at Loyalty Merchants. The purchase data from the Loyalty Merchant recorded using the Cashback Card is forwarded to Lyoness for the calculation of the resulting Benefits.
Cashback Magazine
Since 2008 the Cashback Magazine is published several times a year. The circulation is constantly increasing and it is available in several languages. It focuses on information about the most recent company developments and features on new and well known Loyalty Merchants. It also has success stories and various topics such as travel, fashion and lifestyle.
Chain Stores
Chain Stores are Loyalty Merchants who have an agreement with Lyoness in all, or several, of their branches (or in different countries) and offer Lyoness Members the Lyoness Benefits when they make a purchase with them.
Child & Family Foundation
The Foundation is a politically independent charitable organisation that is dedicated to the support and assistance of children and families in need worldwide, particularly in the area of education. As a Lyoness Member you actively contribute to the completion of social and educational projects with every purchase you make. For more information please go to
Child & Family Foundation Magazine
The Child & Family Foundation (CFF) in black and white: In the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation Magazine you will see all the current and completed CFF projects. Detailed reports and photos from the project locations; renovations and building of schools; emergency assistance and many other projects around the world. As well as being available in print form, the CFF Magazine is now also available as an App for your iPad and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store.
Accepted cookies ensure that any purchases you make with Online Loyalty Merchants through Lyoness are recognised as a purchase by a Lyoness Member and are then allocated to your Purchase Overview. Once you have logged onto the Lyoness website, found and clicked on your chosen Loyalty Merchant and their website has opened in a new browser window, a cookie will be saved on your computer. Once you have completed your online order – once you have received your order confirmation – the information saved by the cookie (such as e.g. your Lyoness ID number, purchase amount, order number, order date, etc.) will be checked by the Online Store. Your purchase details will then be transferred to Lyoness and the resulting Member Benefit will be allocated to you.
Educational Sponsorship
Signing up for an educational sponsorship means showing concern and assuming responsibility. Educational sponsors are an important means of support for the projects implemented by the Lyoness Child & Family. Being a sponsor doesn’t just mean believing in a better future for children, teenagers and families in need. It also means doing something to help the situation. For just € 30 a month, you will be supporting us as an educational sponsor and helping to secure long-term and sustainable projects in your country. You can find more information at
You can also find Lyoness on the social network – as an international Fanpage as well as several national versions.
Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQs, are a collection of all the questions that are asked most frequently and the relevant answers.
Friendship Bonus
If Members recommend Lyoness to others, as Recommender, you will receive up to 0.5% of the purchase value of all purchases made by the new Member through Lyoness (Direct Friendship Bonus). If these Members then recommend Lyoness to more Members, you will also receive up to 0.5% of the purchase price from any purchases they make (Indirect Friendship Bonus).
Friendship Flyer
Members have the option to register new Members in writing with the help of a so called Friendship Flyer. This can be ordered from the Lyoness Online Store or from the Regional Office. Friendship Flyers are made up of a Member folder, general information regarding Lyoness, and the non-personalised Cashback Card, which the Member can complete with his/her name to enable them to enjoy the benefits of the Lyoness Shopping World immediately.
Gift Card
Gift Card is the term often used for a Voucher that comes in card form. Gift Cards are often used as a replacement for Vouchers made of paper, and many of them can be topped-up.
Gift Vouchers
Lyoness Store Vouchers (Shopping Vouchers and Loyalty Vouchers) can be given to other Lyoness Members in the form of Gift Vouchers. Members can order the desired amount from the Lyoness Store, or via the Lyoness App, and then choose the Voucher type (Loyalty Vouchers or Shopping Vouchers). Once the purchase has been completed, the Gift Voucher will be available to download, or can be sent by Email. The recipient can then redeem the Voucher by entering the Gift Code in the relevant form on the website, or via the Lyoness App. Depending on the Voucher type, it will be credited as a Loyalty Voucher or Shopping Voucher in the recipient's Purchase Account. The recipient can choose how, when and for what they wish to use the Gift Voucher: as a Mobile Voucher, Loyalty Merchant Voucher/Gift Card Order, to register Members online, to purchase registration Flyers, or for purchasing products from the Lyoness Store.
Greenfinity Foundation
The Greenfinity Foundation helps with sustainable protection where nature is being destroyed. Whenever you make a purchase through Lyoness, you automatically support Greenfinity, thus helping to implement international climate and environment protection projects. For more information, please go to
IQNet Certificate
As part of the ISO-9001:2008 certification by Quality Austria, Lyoness was also awarded the internationally recognised IQNet certification. IQNet is an international umbrella organisation of national market leader accredited system certifiers and has 40 Partner countries worldwide.
ISO 9001:2008 Certificate
In September 2010, Lyoness underwent and was awarded the ISO-9001:2008 certification by Quality Austria GmbH. The ISO 9001 certification sets minimum international standards to shape the processes and structures by which a company is formed.
Key Account
The International Key Account Management is for building up the Lyoness Acceptance Points network in the Chain Store sector, as well as being responsible for taking care of all the Key Accounts worldwide.
Loyalty Account
The Loyalty Benefits which the Member automatically receives with every purchase are collected in the Loyalty Account.
Loyalty Benefits
The Loyalty Benefit is the Member Benefit minus Cashback.
Loyalty Card
The Lyoness loyalty card is the so-called Cashback Card and must be shown at the Loyalty Merchant till before paying for goods to enable the Members to receive their Member Benefits. The Cashback Card simply acts as a means to allocate the Members’ purchases and is not a means of payment of any kind.
Loyalty Merchant
Lyoness has agreements with Chain Stores, SMEs and Online Stores which are based on the Lyoness special conditions in the form of Member Benefits for all Members.
Loyalty Merchant and Product Search
The search option on the Lyoness website which can be used to find Loyalty Merchants and products.
The Child & Family Foundation mascot is available exclusively from the Lyoness Store. All the proceeds go direct to the Child & Family Foundation.
Lyoness Community
The Lyoness Community is made up of all the Members and Loyalty Merchants who shop through Lyoness, save money and do good.
Lyoness Loyalty Programme
The Lyoness Loyalty Programme offers a unique Win-Win-Win situation based on the principle “Together we are strong!” The Loyalty Programme offers regional, national and international Companies an effective and sustainable Customer Loyalty Programme.
Lyoness.TV is an online news channel which provides the Lyoness Community with all the most up to date information regarding the company and the Foundations, as well as exciting background news. There is also an archive available which offers the possibility of being able to watch the videos at a later date.
Member Benefits
The Member Benefits are based on the conditions agreed between Lyoness and the relevant Loyalty Merchant. The amount of Member Benefit varies according to the Loyalty Merchant, sector and the country. For every purchase you make with a Lyoness Loyalty Merchant, you will receive Member Benefits. Up to 2% of the purchase amount will be credited to your Cash Account (= Cashback). Once you have accumulated at least € 10, this amount will be transferred to your private bank account. The remaining benefits (= Loyalty Benefits) will be booked into your Personal Accounting Programme. You can also benefit personally from further benefits (the Additional Benefits).
Member ID
Every Member has a unique Member ID which serves to enable the allocation of any purchases made by them through Lyoness. It can be found in the personal Online Office as well as on the personalised Cashback Card.
The Lyoness Membership is free of charge. The Member Agreement includes the following services which are free of charge for the Member:
• Lyoness Cashback Card (Blue/Gold)
• Personal Online Office
• SMS service
• Email service
Money back
See Cashback.
Online Loyalty Merchant
Loyalty Merchants which also have (or exclusively have) an Online Store which is part of the Lyoness Online Shopping Network.
Online Office
Lyoness offers every Member an Online Office on the Lyoness website free of charge where, after entering his user name and password he can, at any time, view the purchases that he has made, his recommended Members and information concerning Benefits from the Lyoness Loyalty Programme.
Online Registration
A Recommender can only register a new Member online, once he has logged into the Lyoness website and the potential new member is present. A fee of € 1 will be borne by the direct Recommender.
Online Shopping
The Online Shopping Portal is not only available 24/7, it also currently offers Lyoness Members all the usuual Lyoness Benefits on over 170 million products and services internationally. Simply login to the Lyoness website and use the “Loyalty Merchant and Product Search” option to find the Online Shop of your choice. Because you have entered the Online Shop through the Lyoness website, you will be recognised as a Lyoness Member and your Member Benefits will be created in the Loyalty Programme.
Part Payment/Down Payment for a Voucher/Gift Card Order
A Part Payment/Down Payment can be made for binding orders for Vouchers/Gift Cards. A Part Payment/Down Payment for Voucher/Gift Card Order with Lyoness works on the same principle as with any other company, except that there are additional advantages for the Member.
Advantage 1: A Part Payment/Down Payment for Voucher/Gift Card Order made with Lyoness will not expire and will always be available to the Member.
Advantage 2: A Part Payment/Down Payment for Voucher/Gift Card Order with Lyoness will be booked as an Accounting Unit in the Accounting Programme and therefore has the possibility of generating Loyalty Credit through subsequent purchases. This means an additional shopping budget for the Member’s next shopping trip.
You can find more information regarding this in these FAQs under point 11.
Lyoness transfers accrued Member Benefits once a week (on Tuesdays). As soon as a Member’s personal Cash Account has accumulated € 10, this amount will be transferred to the Member’s bank account.
Premium Member
Members with a high volume of purchases or orders (top shoppers), usually also a Lyoness Loyalty Merchant, are referred to as Premium Members. Premium Members also have extra service support with the Lyoness Loyalty Programme (Gold Cashback Card, Cashback Magazine etc.).
Purchase Overview
An overview of all purchases made through Lyoness including the Member Benefits that the Member will receive for each purchase and the amount of Vouchers available. Members can check their Purchase Overview in their personal Lyoness Online Office.
With the Re-Cash option, all Part Payment/Down Payment for Voucher/Gift Card Orders that have been activated for Re-Cash will continually be brought to pay out through the Member’s purchases. In this case, the Loyalty Benefits from the Member’s purchases (with Cashback Card, Mobile Voucher, Vouchers/Gift Cards, Online Shopping) will go into the Member’s private account, instead of going into the Member’s Loyalty Programme.
Recommendation Marketing
Recommendation marketing is a form of acquiring new customers or loyal customers. The way it works is that existing customers recommend products or services from a provider to possible new customers. As the customer is making the recommendation, it is therefore to be assumed that they are satisfied with the product or service. Every recommendation is as a result of the existing customer’s conviction.
A Member will become a Recommender when he recommends the Lyoness Benefits to someone who then subsequently registers with Lyoness.
Registration through an SME Loyalty Merchant
Using the Friendship Flyer, an SME Loyalty Merchant can register a new Member when he makes an initital purchase of at least € 5.
Shopping Community
A Shopping Community is an association for a company and/or single person with the goal to increase their economical potential together. From a business economic perspective such an association aids better conditions for purchasing and selling through the number of those involved (Members, Companies).
Shopping Vouchers
Shopping Vouchers are primarly for purchasing products from the Lyoness Store. They can be used to pay for Mobile Vouchers, Voucher/Gift Card Orders or other products from the Lyoness Store. They can also be used to register new Members online. Members can order the desired number of Shopping Vouchers from the Lyoness Store, or by completing an Order Form in the Regional Office (electronically or printed out). Once the order process has been completed, the Shopping Voucher will be booked into the Member's Purchase Account.
SME is the short form for small and medium-sized enterprises.
Store Vouchers
In contrast to Mobile Vouchers and Loyalty Merchant Vouchers/Gift Cards, Store Vouchers can be used for various services within Lyoness itself. They are therefore not valid for obtaining goods or services from Loyalty Merchants. There are Shopping Vouchers and Loyalty Vouchers which can be given as Gift Vouchers. Members can find an overview of the existing Store Vouchers in their Online Office once they have logged in at
Types of Shopping
There are four types of shopping available for Lyoness Members to receive their Member Benefits: the Cashback Card, Mobile Vouchers (Mobile Cashback), Loyalty Merchant Vouchers/Gift Cards and Online Shopping.
Voucher Code
Voucher Codes are additional reductions which Lyoness Members receive from Loyalty Merchants and are offered through the Lyoness website.
Voucher Point of Sale
An SME Loyalty Merchant which can sell Vouchers for different Loyalty Merchants to Lyoness Members. A list of all our Voucher Points of Sale can be found on the Lyoness website.
Voucher/Gift Card Order
Just like for all other companies, there are two ways to pay for and order Loyalty Merchant Vouchers/Gift Cards through Lyoness:
1) Full Payment for a Voucher/Gift Card Purchase: This means the total order amount is fully paid and the ordered Vouchers/Gift Cards are then sent to the Member by post.
2) Part Payment/Down Payment for a Voucher/Gift Card Order: This means that the order is partially paid for. Once the remaining amount has been received the ordered Vouchers/Gift Cards will be sent to the Member by post. Thus: Part Payment/Down Payment + Top up Payment/Remaining Payment = Voucher/Gift Card value.
Vouchers/Gift Cards
Vouchers/Gift Cards are Vouchers/Gift Cards from Loyalty Merchants which have previously been obtained through Lyoness. This can either be ordered (for example, from the Lyoness Store), or be purchased direct from the Regional Office or a Voucher Selling Point.