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Mobile Cashback

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Mobile Cashback
Mobile Cashback
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1. What is Mobile Cashback and what makes it stand out?

With Lyoness Mobile Cashback, we don’t just offer you, as a Lyoness Member, unlimited shopping fun with your Smartphone, but also the shopping trend of the future! The Mobile Application or the Mobile Web Portal makes it possible for you to shop with Mobile Gift Cards. Your Member Benefit will be booked automatically after the purchase is completed.
Thousands of regional Loyalty Merchants - from supermarkets to restaurants and shoe shops – make it possible for Lyoness Members to receive the proven Lyoness benefits such as Bonus Discounts and Cashback through the new App. The Mobile Gift Cards also offer many more benefits:

  • They are safe and easy to use
  • They work on the „everywhere“ principle – they work anywhere where your mobile has a signal
  • They can be issued in exact amounts
  • Mobile Gift Cards offer benefits for all Lyoness Members and Loyalty Partners

2. What benefits does Mobile Cashback have?

Go to Lyoness Mobile at on your Smartphone, or via the App, and you can open up a whole new shopping world! Use Lyoness Mobile to discover new Loyalty Merchants near you and for the directions to get to the Loyalty Merchant of your choice quickly! It also means you will always have your Lyoness Office with you on your Smartphone to enable you to get all the latest Lyoness news and to book important Lyoness Events direct. And of course, Lyoness Mobile also offers you all the usual amenities such as an electronic overview of your purchases and Gift Cards.

The Highlights:
The Lyoness App automatically determines your location using GPS and will show you a map with all the Loyalty Merchants in the immediate area. It also has a route planner to help you get to your favourite Loyalty Merchants.

3. How does Lyoness Mobile Cashback work and what makes it so special?

Mobile SmartphoneIt is so simple for Lyoness Members to use Mobile Cashback:

  1. Choose a Loyalty Merchant
  2. Enter the desired Gift Card amount
  3. Create the Mobile Gift Card on your Smartphone
  4. Redeem the Gift Card and receive money back

Even though we have only just started with the Mobile Portal and the iPhone App, there are already over 1,000 regional, national and international points of acceptance from various sectors. Mobile Gift Cards can be ordered and redeemed direct from your mobile at any time. And it’s free of charge for Lyoness Loyalty Merchants!

Please note: Once a Mobile Voucher is generated, it can not be cancelled or refunded. And each voucher generation is final.

4. Which mobile phones does Mobile Cashback work with?

All common Smartphones with internet capability support the Lyoness Mobile Cashback. All you need is an internet connection, money in your Purchase Account and the mobile Lyoness Portal or the correct Smartphone App. The Lyoness App for iPhones and for Android Smartphones can be downloaded from the relevant stores.

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