Lyoness - FAQ

  General questions regarding Lyoness

1.1. What is Lyoness?
Lyoness is a global shopping community, as well as a Merchant Loyalty Program for retailers. The philosophy is "money back with every purchase”. Members and Loyalty Merchants profit from Lyoness Benefits with every purchase made through a Lyoness Loyalty Merchant. Members receive money back with every purchase made with a Loyalty Merchant with the Lyoness Cashback Card, Mobile Vouchers (Mobile Cashback), Gift Cards, and Online Shopping. A Lyoness Membership is always free-of-charge. Lyoness’ special strength lies in its unique Win-Win-Win concept: Not only do Members and Loyalty Merchants benefit long term, every purchase also benefits the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation, and the Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation, which supports the implementation of aid, education, and environmental conservation projects worldwide.

1.2. How big is Lyoness?
Lyoness is active in 33 European countries, USA, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, South Africa, and Brazil. Lyoness has also successfully launched in the Asian Pacific Rim, launched in Hong Kong, Macau, Australia, Thailand, New Zealand and Philippines. Currently, there are over 4.0 million Members worldwide who enjoy the benefits of Lyoness at over 250,000 points of acceptance and over 40,000 Loyalty Merchants—all supported by approximately 1,000 service employees.

1.3. Can I compare Lyoness with a Franchise?
No, Lyoness is an international shopping community and a Loyalty Program for regional, national, and international retailers.

1.4. How many countries is Lyoness currently active in?
Lyoness International AG and its subsidiaries are currently active in 33 European countries, as well as USA, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, South Africa, Brazil, and the Asian Pacific Rim, Hong Kong, Macau, Australia, Philippines, New Zealand and Thailand.

1.5. How many Members and employees does Lyoness have?
Lyoness currently has approximately 1,000 paid service employees that assist and support over 4,0 million Lyoness Members worldwide and over 40,000 Loyalty Merchants.

1.6. Are there any other certifications for internationally recognized standards?
In September 2010, Lyoness received the ISO 9001:2008 certification by Quality Austria GmbH. Quality Austria Trainings, Certification and Appraisals GmbH, is the market leader in Austria. It is a member of the most prestigious international quality organizations, and is active in more than 50 countries. The ISO 9001 certification sets minimum international standards to support the “processes and structures” under which a company is organized and managed.

1.7. Will Lyoness expand in the future?
By the end of 2015, Lyoness plans to have subsidiaries in 33 targeted markets in Europe, and aims to launch in additional countries within the Middle East, Africa, and the Asian Pacific Rim. Following the launch of USA, Lyoness launched in Canada and Brazil,. All will join in offering Lyoness shopping benefits to Members and Loyalty Merchants in every continent by the end of 2015.

2.1. What does Lyoness offer Members and Loyalty Merchants?
As a Loyalty Program, Lyoness offers all Members a unique Win-Win-Win situation based on the principle "Together we are strong!" The business model developed enables anyone interested in building their own personal referral business, the means to earn money from their own purchases and the purchases of their referred Members. Members can benefit from 250,000 points of acceptance and over 40,000 Loyalty Merchants worldwide. Thanks to free membership and the option to end a membership at any time, Members enjoy an array of benefits. The Lyoness Membership is always free-of-charge.

2.2. What are the Lyoness Member Benefits?
For every purchase you make with a Lyoness Loyalty Merchant you will receive Member Benefits. The Member Benefit ranges from 3% to over 20% based on the business sector. Up to 2% of the purchase amount will be credited to your Cash Account (= Cashback). Once $10.00 has accumulated, Lyoness transfers this amount to your personal bank account. The remaining benefits (= Loyalty Benefits) are transferred into your Lyoness personal Accounting Program. You can also benefit personally from further benefits (=Additional Benefits).

2.3. How can I shop with Lyoness?
There are four types of shopping available for Lyoness Members to receive their Member Benefits: the Cashback Card, Mobile Vouchers (Mobile Cashback), Loyalty Merchant Gift Cards, and Online Shopping.

2.4. What is the Friendship Bonus?
If Members refer Lyoness to others, as the Referrer, you will receive up to 0.5% of the purchase value of all purchases made by your referred Member through the Lyoness shopping network. (Direct Friendship Bonus). In turn, if these Members refer Lyoness to other new Members, you will also receive up to 0.5% of the purchase value from any purchases the new Member makes. (Indirect Friendship Bonus).

3.1. How can I register to join Lyoness?
You have the option to register with a Lyoness Member (Referrer) or a Lyoness Loyalty Merchant, Small Medium Enterprises (SME). The registration—whether done online or via the Friendship Flyer from the Referrer—is always free of charge for the new Member.

3.2. How can I log into the Lyoness website?
Once you are successfully registered/signed up, you will receive your login information via the email address provided during registration/sign up.

3.3. Are there any costs related to the Lyoness Membership?
No, the Lyoness Membership is free-of-charge.
The Membership Agreement includes the following services that are also free-of-charge to the Member:
  • Lyoness Cashback Card (Blue/Gold)
  • Personal Online Office
  • SMS service
  • Email service
  • Lyoness Service Center

3.4. Do you still get your Member Benefits if you make a purchase from a Loyalty Merchant abroad?
You can generally take advantage of the shopping possibilities and the resulting benefits that arise through the network of Loyalty Merchants in any country or business sector when shopping at any Cashback Card and Mobile Voucher Point of Acceptance.

3.5. Is there a minimum age requirement to join Lyoness?
To become a Member, an individual must be at least 18 years of age and must not have a pending and/or open bankruptcy in order to register in the United States. The age requirement may vary in other countries. Please refer to the Lyoness General Terms & Conditions for clarification.

3.6. How can I refer Lyoness to friends?

There are three ways to register new Members:

1) Online registration: The Referrer must log into their Online Office from the Lyoness website using their personal login details and click on "My Lyoness" then "Refer Lyoness", and finally "Register Member Online." A digital registration form will open and the new Member and Referrer will need to complete it together. At the end of the registration, the new Member is required to select and enter a four-digit PIN code. Important: The Referrer is responsible for covering the registration cost; as such, it is only possible to submit a completed form if the Referrer has at least $1.50 (for online registration) in his Lyoness Purchase Account.

2) Friendship Flyer: Members also have the option to register new Members via the Friendship Flyer. Members can order these Flyers from the Lyoness Online Store or directly from the Regional Office. Friendship Flyers are sold in packs of five (5), at a cost of $15.00. Friendship Flyers contain the Member folder, Lyoness general information, General Terms and Conditions, Gift Card Order Form and the non-personalized Blue Cashback Card. The new Member fills in the required information so they can enjoy the benefits of the Lyoness Shopping network immediately.

3) Online Flyer Registration: Register a new Member with a Friendship Flyer and then enter the registration data into an Online Registration Flyer directly in your personal Lyoness online office. The benefit: The potential new Member does not have to wait for the respective Regional Lyoness office to enter their registration. They can take immediate advantage of the Lyoness Benefits. Additionally, the new Member can take advantage of the Lyoness Shopping Benefits immediately with the Cashback Card (light blue) from the Friendship Flyer.

There are two ways to order Friendship Flyers:

a) Order them from the Lyoness Online Shop (Lyoness Store) or,

b) Purchase them directly from your local Lyoness Regional Office

Important Information: Registration is always free-of-charge for new Members. The Referrer is responsible for paying the $1.50 online registration fee or $3.00 Friendship Flyer fee.

3.7 How can I order Friendship Flyers?
Once logged into, the Flyers can be ordered from the Lyoness Online Store. The payment for your order will be charged to your Purchase Account. If you do not have the necessary funds available in your Purchase Account, please refer to the payment information page on our website, there you will find the different ways to make a transfer easy and conveniently. The Flyers can also be purchased directly at your local Lyoness Regional Office. Please note the location and operating business hours of the respective Lyoness Regional office.

4.1. How often do Members receive money transfers into their bank accounts?
Lyoness transfers accrued Member Benefits once a week, each Tuesday. As soon as a Member’s Cash Account has accumulated $10.00, the money is transferred to the Member’s personal bank account. There are currently four types of shopping available: Lyoness Cashback Card, Mobile Vouchers (Mobile Cashback), Loyalty Merchant Gift Cards, and Online Shopping. When you shop using Loyalty Merchant Gift Cards purchased through Lyoness, or with Mobile Vouchers, the Member Benefit will be booked immediately following the completed purchase transaction. When shopping with the Cashback Card, it can take up to a maximum of seven (7) business days. Online Shopping may take longer if the Loyalty Merchant offers a long period to exchange or return merchandise such as clothes. Only after this period has expired, the purchase is fully completed. The Member Benefit will then be paid out, usually within 60 business days.

5.1. How many types of shopping are available in order to receive Lyoness Benefits? There are four types of shopping available:
There are four types of shopping available:
  • Via Cashback Card with all Loyalty Merchants that have a Lyoness Terminal
  • Via Mobile Vouchers (Mobile Cashback)
  • Via Loyalty Merchant Gift Cards
  • Via Online Shopping with all Online Loyalty Merchants

5.2. Do I still receive Lyoness Benefits if I pay using a credit card?
This depends on the particular Loyalty Merchant. Some Lyoness Loyalty Merchants will honor the pre-arranged Lyoness Member Benefits when payment is made with a credit card; however, some Loyalty Merchants may opt not to honor it. Please check with the Loyalty Merchant directly before making a purchase.

5.3. How can I order Gift Cards?
If Members purchase Gift Cards online or via e-mail, the funds will be withdrawn directly from their Purchase Account. Please note: Members must have the available funds in their Purchase Account in order to place a Gift Card order. Members must provide their full name and Member ID number as payment reference to enable Lyoness to track the order and provide purchasing benefits.

Of course, the Members can also purchase Gift Cards from their local Lyoness Regional Office during the respective office business operating hours.

Members also can purchase Gift Cards from Gift Card Points of Sale. A list of all the Lyoness Gift Card Points of Sale can be accessed on the Lyoness website.

6.1. How does a Member receive their Lyoness Cashback Card?
Once you are a registered Lyoness Member, you can print your virtual Cashback Card from your Online Office. If you registered with a Friendship Flyer, you get the Blue Cashback Card immediately. Currently, you will receive your personalized Cashback Card when purchases of at least $1,500.00 are made, you will receive your personalized Lyoness Cashback Card.

6.2. What personal data is stored on the Lyoness Cashback Card?
Your name and Member ID Number.

6.3. Can I pay using my Lyoness Cashback Card?
No, the Cashback Card is not a form of payment; it is only used to register your purchases.

6.4. Does the Cashback Card have an expiration date?
The first issue of the Lyoness Cashback Card is free of charge and has no expiration date and no limitation on its usage as long as it is not damaged and still works. If it is damaged or can no longer be read, you can order a new Lyoness Cashback Card. There is an administration fee of $12 (inc. tax) for this service. Alternatively, you can print out your virtual Cashback Card from your Online Office free of charge at any time to enable you to receive your Lyoness Member Benefits.

7.1. What differentiates Lyoness Online Shopping from other internet shopping portals?
Through exclusive offers, it is possible for Lyoness to offer special offers exclusively to its community enabling Members to get double the benefits (e.g. Coupon Codes). The Online Shopping Portal is not only available 24/7, it also offers Lyoness Members Cashback on over 170 million products and services internationally.

7.2. How do I receive money back from shopping online?
Simply login to the Lyoness website and use the "Loyalty Merchant Search" option to find the Online Store of your choice. Click on the Loyalty Merchant logo or the "To Online Shop" button. The chosen Online Store's site will open in a new browser window and you can then shop as usual. Because you have entered the Online Shop through the Lyoness website, you will be recognized as a Lyoness Member and your Member Benefits will be created in the Loyalty Program.

Important: Your online purchase can only be registered if your browser and any Anti-Spyware or Anti-Virus program (if you have such programs) allow cookies. To see how to set up your cookies, please see section 7.14.

7.3. What do I need to check in my computer for Online Shopping to ensure I receive my Lyoness Member Benefits?
To ensure you are recognized as a Lyoness Member and that your purchase is registered and booked, your browser and any Anti-Spyware or Anti-Virus (if you have such programs) must permit cookies. You must also ensure that your browser does not have any Adblocker or Scriptblocker features (if you have such features) while shopping online. Please check your browser settings before you logon!

7.4. How does Lyoness Online Shopping work?
To enable successful online shopping, your computer must be set up for Online Shopping. Your browser and any Anti-Spyware or Anti-Virus program (if you have such programs) must permit cookies. To find out how to set up your cookies, please see section 7.14.

Accepted cookies ensure that your purchase(s) is/are recognized and registered as a purchase from a Lyoness Member, and that they will be allocated to your Shopping Overview. Every time you login to your Lyoness Online Office and click on a Loyalty Merchant, a new browser window opens which takes you to the Loyalty Merchant's website. At this point, a cookie is saved on your computer. When you have completed your online order – (once you get to the confirmation screen) – the online shop will check the information saved in the cookie (e.g. your Lyoness Member ID, purchase amount, order number, order date, etc.). Lyoness can then track your purchase and the resulting Member Benefit will be allocated to you.

If a cookie cannot be saved on your computer due to your browser settings, or security and/or Spyware tools (such as "Ad-Aware" or "Kaspersky"), or if the cookie was deleted during the order process (if you clicked on another website during the process [i.e. saved new cookies]), used a coupon code from another site or directly from a merchant's email then Lyoness cannot track your purchase. This would prohibit your purchase from being created in your Shopping Overview. It's important to only use coupon codes that are offered on the Lyoness site.

7.5. Why is it so important to login to the Lyoness website every time before I shop online?
Before you shop online with a Lyoness Loyalty Merchant, always login to the Lyoness website beforehand, and then enter the Online Shop by using the "Loyalty Merchant Search" option. Your purchases with a Lyoness Loyalty Merchant can only be registered as a Lyoness Member if you are logged in to the Lyoness website. If you go directly to the Loyalty Merchant's website without going through the Lyoness website, your purchase cannot be tracked by Lyoness and you will not receive payment of your Member Benefits.

7.6. Will I still receive my Member Benefit if I go to the Online Shop without going through the Lyoness website?
No, there is no possibility to track your purchase after the purchase has been made.

7.7. Why does my Login not work?
Check to ensure that your browser settings are set to allow cookies from the Lyoness website. It is possible they are blocked, or completely deactivated. To find out how to activate cookies, please see section 7.14 of these FAQs.

Your browser should not use an Ad or Scriptblocker while you are shopping online. You also need to check your Anti-spyware and Anti-virus program(s) to ensure either or both program(s) are not blocking cookies.

7.8. Why is it that some Online Stores are listed in some countries but not in mine?
Whether a Loyalty Merchant is listed in a country or not, is determined by the arrangement between Lyoness and the Online Store. This is why some Online Stores are listed in several countries, while others are listed in just one country. Some Online Stores cannot be active in some countries as another provider has "exclusive selling rights." Occasionally, not all the subsidiaries of a company have an agreement with Lyoness.

7.9. Will I still receive my Member Benefits if I shop with a Loyalty Merchant that is not listed in my country?
Every Member can access Loyalty Merchants, which are listed in other countries, even if they are not listed in their own country. However, the agreement between the Online Shop and Lyoness is generally only valid for the countries in which the Loyalty Merchant is listed. Members can of course still shop with Loyalty Merchants that are not listed in their own country - the Loyalty Merchant is however not obliged to pay the resulting Member Benefits for the Member's purchase (= Shopping value minus all Vouchers, reductions, delivery and administration costs).

Important: Such purchases are made at the Member's own risk. It is not possible to receive payment of Member Benefits for purchases which were made with Loyalty Merchants that are not listed in the Member's own country. We therefore recommend that you only shop with Online Shops that are listed for your country.

7.10. Why are the Online Shops of some Loyalty Merchants not available in my local language?
Some of our Loyalty Merchants are international companies which deliver products to other countries, but their website is not available in those languages. We therefore request your understanding that not all the Loyalty Merchant websites are available in your language.

7.11. Are there any special exceptions when shopping online?
Yes, there are. Some of these include Coupon Codes. Coupon Codes are additional offers from the Loyalty Merchants for the Lyoness Community. These are offered by the Loyalty Merchants through Lyoness.
For more information, please see questions 7.12 and 7.13 in the FAQs.

Please take note of the following exceptions when shopping online:
  • The Loyalty Merchants cannot guarantee discounts on certain products/product categories. You can find information concerning this in the Loyalty Merchant Details page on the Lyoness website.
  • If you click on a link or banner in the Lyoness Online Loyalty Merchant website, it will take you to another website. This will result in a new window or tab, on your browser with a new URL. It can break the connection to Lyoness. If you make a purchase from the linked website, the Loyalty Merchant is not obliged to give you a Member Benefit for the purchase.
  • In order to guarantee your Lyoness Benefits can be administered to you; when shopping online, please choose the international Online Stores listed in your country. The Loyalty Merchants are free to choose the countries Lyoness has a service/alliance with. For more information, please see questions 7.8 and 7.9 of the FAQs.

7.12. What are Voucher Codes?
Coupon Codes are additional bonus discounts which Lyoness Members receive from Loyalty Merchants and are offered through the Lyoness website.

7.13. What do I need to do to redeem the Voucher Codes when I am shopping online?
Please always take notice of the conditions in the Voucher Code (validation, minimum order value, etc.). You will find these when you click onto the Voucher Code. Before you finish your purchase, please wait until the value of the Voucher Code has clearly been deducted from the purchase price. The value cannot be deducted after closure.

Note: The use of “external” Voucher Codes, such as offers through a Loyalty Merchant’s Newsletters – can lead to a loss of connection to Lyoness. The purchase cannot be assigned to your Member ID in this way. In addition, the Loyalty Merchant is not obligated to pay out any Member Benefits that may result from a purchase made with such a Voucher Code.

7.14. How can I enable internet cookies?
The activation process depends on which internet browser you use:

Internet Explorer 9:

  • Click on the gear icon "Tools" in the top right corner (or on the "Tools" menu on the menu bar).
  • Choose "Internet Options."
  • Then click on the "Privacy" tab. Move the bar (settings) to "Medium" or lower.
  • Click on "OK" to save your options.

Mozilla Firefox 18:

  • At the top left of the Firefox window, click on the "Firefox" button (or on "Tools" menu on the menu bar).
  • Choose the menu item "Options" (or "Preferences" on Mac).
  • Select the "Privacy" panel. Set "Firefox will" to "Use custom settings for history."
  • Check "Accept cookies from sites" to enable Cookies.
  • Make sure that "Accept third party cookies" is also checked. Click on "OK" to close the Options window.

Netscape 9:

  • Select the "Tools" menu at the top of the browser screen.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose "Options" (or "Preferences" on Mac).
  • When the "Options" box appears, click on the "Privacy" tab.
  • From the Cookies section, select "Accept cookies from sites."
  • Click on "OK" to close the Options box.

Opera 12:

  • Click on the "Opera" button at the left corner (or choose the "Tools" menu on the menu bar).
  • Choose "Preferences" in the drop-down menu.
  • When the "Preferences" box appears, click on the "Advanced" tab.
  • On the left side of the box, choose "Cookies."
  • Then select the option "Accept cookies."
  • Click on "OK" to finish and to save your options.

Google Chrome 24:

  • Click the Chrome Menu in the browser toolbar.
  • Select "Settings"
  • Click "Show Advanced Settings"
  • In the "Privacy" section, click the "Content Settings" button 
  • In the "Cookies" section, you can change the cookie settings
  • In the "Privacy" section, make sure that "Allow local data to be set" is selected. You also need to deactivate the "Block all third party cookies without exception".

Safari 5:

  • Click on the gear icon "Tools" on the far right (or "Tools" menu on the menu bar).
  • Choose the menu item "Preferences" from the drop down menu.
  • Then select the "Privacy" tab.
  • Set "Block Cookies" to "Never".

7.15.Why does my purchase not show up in my Purchase Overview?
Your purchase will show up under "My Purchases / Pending Purchases" within 48 hours. If your purchase does not show up, it is possible that it is due to one of the following reasons:

  • Your browser or your Anti-Virus program blocked cookies.
  • Your Lyoness cookie which was saved when you logged into the Lyoness website was deleted (i.e. if you visited another website during the purchase process).
  • A technical error may have occurred (i.e. there was an error on the purchase confirmation page).
  • You attempted to use Voucher Codes from an external source such as a newspaper or other offers from the Loyalty Merchant.
  • You may have purchased an item that is excluded from the Member Benefit (for future information regarding this, please see the Loyalty Merchant's details page).

7.16. Why was my purchase cancelled?
Every Online Shopping purchase has specific processing times before the payment of Member Benefits are made. During this time, items may be sent back in addition to the exclusion period for payments and exchanges. If the product is sent back to the Online Store, then the purchase will be cancelled. If the Loyalty Merchant does not receive your payment during this window, then naturally, your purchase would be cancelled. The result of such transaction(s) will appear in your Purchase Overview.

7.17. Why does my Purchase show the wrong Member Benefit?
Online Loyalty Merchants use the net value of your purchase to calculate your Member Benefit. This value does not include the taxes, delivery costs, service and administration charges or insurance fees. Certain specified products and services are also excluded from the Member Benefit, as determined by the Loyalty Merchants. You will find the specific information for each Loyalty Merchant on the Special Notes of the Merchants "details" page on the Lyoness website.

7.18. When will I receive the Member Benefit for my purchase?
As soon as your purchase is fully completed and the processing/exchange period has ended. The actual duration depends upon how quickly the delivery is made and/or which payment method is used. Typically, the process takes an average of 60 – 90 days. However, the quicker your transaction is completed, the sooner you will receive Member Benefit payments.

7.19. Why is my purchase no longer shown in my local currency?
Online International Loyalty Merchants often give their prices in the same currency in different countries. Your purchase will then be converted into your local currency using the daily exchange rate for the order date to calculate your Member Benefit. The payment of your Member Benefits will be made in your local currency.

7.20. How are the Member Benefits calculated for the Online Shopping?
Lyoness calculates the Member Benefit based on the arrangement they have with the Loyalty Merchant (Agreed Member Benefit). Delivery, service, taxes, and administration costs are mostly excluded as these are fixed costs for the Loyalty Merchant. Your Member Benefit is always given for the value of the products/services you have purchased – and this will be the net value. Online Loyalty Merchants use the net value for their calculations.

7.21. What can I do if my Purchase is not in my Purchase Overview?
Lyoness makes a great effort that the Members still receive their Member Benefit even if their purchase has not been registered. If your purchase does not show up in your Purchase Overview within 48 hours, please send your invoice and payment confirmation to the Lyoness Service Center.

7.22. Who should I contact if I have any questions or complaints?
To ensure a quick and correct reply to your questions regarding your purchases, please contact ONLY the Lyoness Service Center at:
Important: Lyoness is responsible for the calculation of your Member Benefits, NOT the Loyalty Merchant.

7.23. How long do I have to submit a complaint?
A complaint can only be accepted if it is received within three months of the order date. Any complaints received after this time can no longer be accepted by the Online Stores. This also means we cannot book a purchase after this period.

7.24. What is required for Lyoness to deal with a complaint?
To facilitate the answering of your inquiry, please send your invoice and payment confirmation in digital form to the Lyoness Service Center as soon as possible. You may be required to send the order confirmation – if there is no invoice or if there is no order number on the invoice.

7.25. How long will the complaint process take?
Lyoness makes a great effort that you receive your Member Benefit, even for purchases that were not registered. Generally, the sooner you send all relevant documentation to the Lyoness Service Center, the faster they can process your inquiry. The time it takes to process inquiries varies by Loyalty Merchant. Purchase complaints are processed between Lyoness and the Loyalty Merchant to ensure you receive the correct purchase allocation. In some cases, it may take several weeks for the Loyalty Merchants to complete their investigation and resolution.

8.1. Where can I view my Member Benefits?
The personal Online Office on the Lyoness website lists all Member Benefits.

8.2. Why are transfers to my Purchase Account not always available within 24 hours?
In general, with online booking, the transfer appears in the Lyoness Shopping Overview the next day. However, depending on the bank, if one uses a transfer slip to make the transfer, it may take longer. Once Lyoness has received the payment, it is booked into the Member’s Purchase Account within two (2) business days. Then the order is processed.

9.1. How does a Loyalty Merchant benefit from the shopping community?
A Loyalty Merchant benefits from an international shopping community of Members that grows constantly through traditional marketing efforts and word-of-mouth referrals. Lyoness Members seek to purchase goods and services from active, eye-catching Cashback Loyalty Merchants. Consequently, the Loyalty Merchants get new customers and inactive customers become active again. Indeed, customer retention ensures an increase in sales for the Loyalty Merchant.

9.2. How is the Lyoness shopping network set-up in a country?
Lyoness Corporate is exclusively responsible to negotiate and finalize the enrollment of Key Accounts.. A Lyoness Member is not authorized to negotiate agreements with potential Loyalty Merchants. SME Coaches build the small and medium-sized enterprises’ (SMEs) network. The Lyoness eBiz department (Cashback AG) is responsible for the contracting of Lyoness Online Loyalty Merchants.

10.1. Why does Lyoness require my bank information?
The Lyoness principle is "money back with every purchase." This means that your monies are deposited directly into your personal bank account. If your bank information is not available, we cannot transfer the funds to your account. You may also add your current bank information in your personal Online Office.

11.1. How is an Accounting Unit generated?
An Accounting Unit is generated through Loyalty Benefits (Member Benefits minus Cashback), through purchases, or by way of a Partial Payment for a Gift Card order. A Partial Payment for a Gift Card order with a selected Loyalty Merchant generates Member Benefits that in turn, contributes toward the generation of an Accounting Unit.

11.2. What payment methods are available for Gift Card orders and purchases?

Similar to all other companies, there are two (2) ways to pay for, and order Loyalty Merchant Gift Cards through Lyoness:

1) Full Payment for a Gift Card Purchase: This means the Gift Card l order amount is paid in full and the Gift Cards are sent to the Member by carrier.

2) Partial Payment for a Gift Card order: This means that the Gift Card order is partially paid for. After the Remaining Balance payment has been paid, the ordered Gift Cards will be sent to the Member by carrier. Thus, Partial Payment + Remaining Balance payment = Gift Card value.

  • Partial Payments for Gift Card orders of up to $1500 are accepted only if a Member makes a full payment for a Gift Card purchase of $300.00 at the same time they make their Partial Payment/ for the Gift Card order.
  • Partial Payments for Gift Card orders that represent a value of over $1500 and up to $3000 are accepted only if a Member makes a fully paid Gift Card order for a minimum of $600.00 at the same time.

A Partial Payment for a Gift Card order with Lyoness creates additional benefits for the Member.

Additional Benefit 1: A Partial Payment for a Gift Card order is always available to the Member and has no expiration date.

Additional Benefit 2: A Partial Payment for a Gift Card order will be booked as an Accounting Unit in the Lyoness Loyalty Program. Therefore, it can possibly generate Loyalty Credit through subsequent purchases, which means an increased shopping budget for the Member’s next purchase.

  • Example of a Partial Payment for a Gift Card order WITHOUT Lyoness:
    A consumer would like to purchase a sofa for $625.00. They first pay 8% down payment ($50.00), and pays the–remaining 92% balance, ($575.00) when they pick up the sofa, therefore, the sofa is now paid in full, and belongs to the consumer. If, for whatever reason, the consumer does not want to purchase the sofa, the retailer will not refund the down payment/credit and the consumer must accept the credit that he has accumulated and select other merchandise from said Merchant or lose his down payment.
  • Example of a Partial Payment for a Gift Card order WITH Lyoness:
    A Partial Payment for a Gift Card order is a binding order. The difference between the previous example and this example is that if the Member later decides not to purchase the Gift Card, they can change the Partial Payment to order a Gift Card for another product or service with a different Loyalty Merchant when they make the Remaining Balance payment. Therefore, the original Partial Payment for a Gift Card order remains valid.

    If the Member continues with its original purchase selection, the transaction remains the same. If the Loyalty Merchant offers, for example, an 8% Member Benefit, and the Member has made a Partial Payment for a Gift Card Order of $75.00, then the Remaining Payment will be $675.00, or 92%. Thus, the Member receives Gift Cards from the Loyalty Merchant originally selected (Gift Card for $750.00 = 100%).

When placing a Gift Card order (paid in full), the Member can order as many Gift Cards as desired.

Partial payments are non-refundable (subject to applicable State and Federal regulations). They can be recovered in the form of Gift Cards only once the Member has made the necessary Remaining Balance payment to purchase the full amount of the Gift Card. (The amount hinges upon the amount of the partial payment and the percentage rebate negotiated between Lyoness and the respective Loyalty Merchant).

The Member may make a Remaining Balance payment to recover a corresponding portion of the partial payment in the form of a Gift Card in an amount proportional to the full cost of the Gift Card. A member can change the Loyalty Merchant, for whom the partial payment is intended at any time prior to the full purchase of the Gift Card and so, the full partial payment is recovered; however, changing the Loyalty Merchant may affect the amount of the Gift Card and the Remaining Balance payment required to recover the initial partial payment.

Another Example: If a Member makes a $225.00 Gift Card partial payment with a Loyalty Merchant that offers a 10% rebate benefit, the amount of the Remaining Balance payment required to recover that partial payment is $2,025.00. In essence, the Member has made a $225.00 partial payment on a $2,250.00 Gift Card. If a Member makes a $225.00 Gift Card partial payment with a Loyalty Merchant that offers a 3% rebate benefit, for example, the amount of the Remaining Balance payment required to recover that Remaining Balance payment is $7,275.00. In essence, the Member has made a $225.00 partial payment on a $7,500.00 Gift Card.

When making Gift Card purchases of $300.00 or greater, the Member may also place an additional Gift Card order by which making a partial payment of up to $1,500.00. When making Gift Card purchases of $600.00 or greater, the Member may also place an additional Gift Card order by which they are making a partial payment of up to $3,000.00. Partially paid Gift Card orders are only permitted when placed with fully paid Gift Card orders. An "individual" Member (not a business entity) is limited to a maximum of a $3,000.00 partial payment.

Important Information:
  • A Partial Payment for a Gift Card order is not an investment or a shopping credit. Lyoness is not a financial institution of any kind, therefore there are no investments or deposits of any kind.
  • Making a Partial Payment for a Gift Card order does not obligate you to initiate a Referral business. However, every Member is welcome to do so if they wish.
  • The ordered Gift Cards are sent out only after they are paid in full.
  • A Partial Payment for a Gift Card order cannot be cancelled or refunded; it triggers an order transaction between Lyoness and that particular Loyalty Merchant.

Please watch the videos on the Lyoness Website (as well as at; they demonstrate and explain purchasing through the Lyoness network and the different options to pay for Gift Card Order; this will ensure that you have understood everything regarding Partial Payments for Gift Card Orders.

11.3. What is Re-Cash?
With the Re-Cash option, all Partial Payments for Gift Card orders activated for Re-Cash (possible in all ACs) will continually pay out through the Member’s purchases. In this case, the Loyalty Benefits generated from the Member’s purchases (with Cashback Card, Mobile Voucher, Gift Cards, Online Shopping) will go into the Member’s personal Bank account, instead of into the Member’s Loyalty Program. This will continue until the Partial Payment is paid out—either in instalments or in full—depending on the Member’s request.

11.4. What is a Premium Member?

Members with a high volume of purchases or orders (top shoppers), and frequently Lyoness Loyalty Merchants, are referred to as Premium Members. Premium Members also have extra service support with the Lyoness Loyalty Program (Gold Cashback Card, Cashback Magazine etc.). Based on the following order, volume and fullfilment of the following requirements, a Member becomes a Premium Member when:

  • Booked and fully paid purchases using either the Cashback Card, Mobile Voucher (Mobile Cashback), Gift Cards or Online Shopping amount to an accumulated sum of $30,000.00 or more within one year.
  • A combination of booked and fully paid Gift Card purchases with the Cashback Card, Mobile Vouchers (Mobile Cashback), Gift Cards and Online Shopping of, for example $15,000.00, and booked and Partial Payment for Gift Card orders of $1,500.00.
  • A booked Partial Payment for Gift Card orders of $3,000.00 along with a fully paid Gift card order of $600.00.

Once the Member has completed a checklist with all the questions answered correctly, their Partial Payment for the Gift Card Order is accepted.

11.5. Can Premium Members also receive their Friendship Bonus and Cashback Benefit?
Of course! All types of Members receive Cashback from their own purchases and the Friendship Bonus from their referred direct and indirect Members.

12.1. What is the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation?
The Lyoness Child & Family Foundation founded in 2008, is a charitable institution based in Switzerland. The Foundation is a politically independent charitable organization dedicated to the support and assistance of children and families in-need worldwide, particularly in the area of education.

12.2. How is the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation funded?
Every Lyoness Member who shops with Lyoness Loyalty Merchants receives money back with every purchase. This advantage optimizes the daily purchases made by the Lyoness shopping community. The Child & Family Foundation’s charitable activities and projects receive funding through a fixed percentage of all purchases made through Lyoness, in addition to Educational Sponsorships and donations.

12.3. How can I support the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation?
The Lyoness Child & Family Foundation bases itself on the principle that "Every purchase counts!" Active Lyoness Cashback Card users, Mobile Vouchers (Mobile Cashback), Gift Cards and Online Stores help the Members save money and also helps support people in need worldwide. As a Lyoness Member, you can support the Foundation by purchasing the charity song “The Miracle of Lyoness”, by renting the Foundation Bike and every time you purchase Foundation Merchandising items. Donations can be made voluntarily and used as the Foundation sees fit; or alternatively, the donor can earmark the amount for a particular Foundation project of interest. Lyoness Members can opt to support active projects in their country by signing up for Educational Sponsorships. For further information, please visit the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation website:

13.1 What is the Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation?
The Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation (GFF) was established in 2011 in Switzerland as a non-profit organization. It is a politically independent, charitable organization, which is actively involved in sustainably protecting the environment, realizing innovative climate protection projects worldwide and promoting the use of renewable energies.

13.2 How is the Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation funded?
Every Lyoness Member who shops at Lyoness Loyalty Merchants receives money back with every purchase, hich means the Foundation receives a fixed percentage of all purchases made by Lyoness Members through the Lyoness network and of course, through donations! This is how the Greenfinity projects are funded.

13.3 What is the Ecological Footprint?
The ecological footprint is a widely used indicator for sustainability. It makes it possible to compare the human demand for natural resources with the capacity of resources the earth has to offer. In this way, it calculates which renewable methods can be used to balance out the use of resources. During the Austrian Gold Tournament “Lyoness Open”, the Greenfinity Foundation calculated the ecological footprint of the sporting event for the first time, in cooperation with the European Tour and the Golf Environment Organization (GEO). The goal is to make the footprint smaller by improving the ecological sustainability of the Lyoness Open. In addition, Lyoness Greenfinity offers you the option of calculating your own personal footprint with the footprint calculator on the website (My Footprint). For more information, please visit